The story so far

The heroes, in search of glory and entertainment after adventuring in Rassilon for some time arrive in Seithrby a couple days before a festival in honor of Scaetha, The Judger of Souls, Shieldmaiden of the Gods.

Villagers spoke of goblin bandits and raiders disturbing the peace in the area. With the local huscarls and millitia tending to celebrations preparations and security, the heroes took it upon themselves to seek out the origin of the troubles. While investigating, Brudor , the fire elementalist frostborn was captured by a band of roaming orcs in the Greenpot Hills. The heroes quickly tracked down where Brudor was taken and came to his rescue. They escaped from the orc citadel and the blizzard summoned by the orc priest of Thrym, the Frost Lord on a war sledge pulled by sleigh dogs. During their escape, Darruun the Tuomi Hearth Knight failed to maneuver the sledge over a gap in the road. The sledge crashed at the bottom of a deep snow filled chasm. Promptly bracing themselves against the side of the cliffs, the blizzard wraith carried by the blizzard and the host of orcs lost track of them. With the night coming soon, Stenvall the Roadwarden used his outdoor skills to find shelter for the group. But that was not before a local band of Frost Goblin ambushed the tresspassers. The heroes dispatched the threat quickly and proceeded to find shelter in what turned out to be a cairn. Treasures of an ancient civilization were found inside, simian guardians were slain and enchantment that animated ice statues were broken.

Jennavoia Noir, Tuomi Paladin of Ertha the Earthmother and Darruun made haste to Seithrby to treat their wounds while Kenny, Stenvall and is trusted wolf companion Leman Ruff took the long way back to stop and check on a local travel tower and his keeper. They found the travel tower assaulted by orc bandits. The body of the keeper laid slain on the red snow. An orc dangled a child from the second story window. Stenvall and Kenny came to child’s rescue but paid a hefty price as Leman was felled by an orc. The child turned out more than meets the eye. Hailing from the aristocratic Magocracy, Mage Duke Ignaciojoined with them, seeking protection and offering much needed arcane support.

Back in Seithrby, Kenny looked for a fence for the artifacts they had found in the cairn while Stenvall kept the wolf amulet. Kenny came in contact with Yagda that he identify as a member of the Reliquary.

As they mingled with the encampment crowd they were asked by an Amber Guard escort to meet with Aethling Cuthwulfin his throne room. Kenny’s suspicious nature urged him to disapear in the surrounding crowd when he spotted the Amber Guard approaching. He then proceeded to follow his friends to the palace and perched himself up the roof to keep an eye on them. Cuthwulf started by inquiring about their recent foray in the Greenpot Hills. When the heroes confirmed that they had but had not found anything of value, Cuthwulf proceeded to inform them that he would purchase any artifacts of value they would find.

This is when an orc messenger managed to infiltrate the palace through disguise and guile and requested an immediate audience with the prince.

“I have a message from my master” he said before reaching for a vial containing a viscous crimson liquid that he proceeded to ingurgitate. The orc was immediate overcome by eerie tremors before his body acclimated. Then came a voice that was not his own, a voice from somewhere else.

“Greetings Aethling Cuthwulf. Your puny kingdom is in danger. Surrender your son Sigmeund to me or suffer my wrath. My army is strong and already swarming the hills southeast of your throne. You can proceed with your festivities but in six days I will come to claim him. If you do not acquiesce to my demands your kingdom will fall, your people will die. I will deliver the heads of one stead dweller every hour until there is no one left to kill. And when your defenses have fallen I will claim my due. If you do not believe how serious I am, here’s something that will change your mind.”

The orc messenger swung the sack hung on his shoulder and emptied the content on the muddy dirt floor of the prince’s palace. Inside, the heads belonging to a family of four saxa rolled out to offer a blasphemous spectacle to the court.

“And if this is not sufficient proof…” the voice trailed off eerily.

The orc was once again overcome by violent tremors. Worm-shaped, red, organic and slimy appendanges spawned out of the orc’s blood and eagerly seeked out the severed heads laying in the dirt. The orc’s forearms shedded their skin and muscles revealing a bare bone morphing into a sharp blade. The severed heads now flaying wildly above its him, the brood advanced toward the prince. The heroes hurried to protect the prince and encircled to creature. They signed up for events in the local tournament. Stenvall was falling behind when he pulled a card up his sleeve to show tremendous burst of speed and stamina during the last stretch to win it. Darruun and Jennavoia entered the wrestling competition. The Hearth Knight did not fair very good but the worshipper of Ertha went on to win the final with displays of strength, athletism and showmanship.


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